First Voice of Many


First Voice of Many

The ship that would come to be know as First Voice of Many, the requisite first voice in a growing choir of cannonade and dying men, was not always known by such a name. Once she was nameless, a ship commissioned by the Lintha Grandfather Xun’xue that he might have something to fall upon should he fall from Fia-Eng’s favor or the Sennong turn their back upon ‘soft’ enterprise. Xun’xue had long known he was an anomaly within the Lintha. Few of the blood dealt directly with trade and commerce – even when a formality. Xun’xue though, see’s it as the hope of the Family. He has seen the Guild enclaves growing rich and powerful in An-Teng and heard the sailors speak of how their power reaches from the frigid North to the sea of trees in the East. An organization of men, that were not even in existence a few generations before, now straddle the world. He has seen how it has brought his sept back from the brink to the pinnacle of power.

It would not be long before the Sennong Sept woke from this dream and Grandfather Xun’xue would become a figment of yesteryear. Thus, he hid much of his wealth not only from Grandmother Fia-Eng, but from the entire Sennong Sept. The Family believes their efforts best spent on instilling bloodlust and martial prowess in each generation, but that is worth nothing when your ships are refurbished scows and weaponized sloops. For centuries the Realm has dominated the sea lanes with superior sails and millennia before so had the Shogunate. It was time to build a mighty fleet built and designed for conquest of the sea, now, while the Shogunate is weak and its grip upon the West is slipping. This simple ship was the first cry in a rising storm that threatens to consume the enemies of the Lintha.

Lintha Dragonwing Corsair
Length: 73 Feet
Beam: 18 Feet
Draft: 12 Feet

Speed: 11 Knots or 10/20 mph
Maneuverability: -4
Crew: 6/2
Cargo: 2000 tons of cargo.
Armor: 6L/12B
Health Levels: Ux12/Mx6/Cx5/I/D
Weapons: 2 fore ballistae

Light Ballista:

|Speed.: 6 |Acc.: +0 | Dam.: 7L1 + 5L2. |Range: 300yrd |Rate: 1|Tags: 2,A,P|

1 Represents torsional strength of the catapult.
2 Ballista Bolt Damage. Ballista bolts typically weight 10 pounds at this scale of ballista as compared to a javelin weighing in at 2-6 pounds.


First Voice of Many

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